Action Coach

The Henley Coaching Partnership specialises in helping local business owners fulfil their full potential.

David is an accredited coach with the largest worldwide coaching organisation, ActionCoach.

Regardless of where your start point is, our proven strategies and expertise can remove many of the challenges and frustrations of running a business and set it up for continual profitable growth.

Please contact: David Haimes

Dave Reynolds

Author of ‘Why wasn’t I taught this at school?’ Learn the success principles that have been proven time and again to have the power to transform your life and to provide you with a blueprint for achieving everything you have ever dreamed about.

Please contact: Dave Reynolds

Enterprise Doctor

Enterprise Doctor offers effective help for businesses. To seek our help does not mean your business is bad or failing – it means there are one or more aspects where you see room for improvement and need some help identifying and delivering that improvement.

We offer diagnostic help, working with you to work out what improvements can be made, helping you define where you are now, where you want to be, and how you’re going to get there.

We also offer hands-on help with sales, marketing, purchasing, procedures, logistics, recruitment and managing change – in fact just about any aspect of running a business. Once we’ve worked with you on defining how to get from A to B, we work with you on that journey.

Please contact: Mark Harris

Rosemary Brown – Mentor at Heart of Business

Business Development specialist focussing on Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail.

Providing strategic support for small to medium size businesses who want to do things differently and breakthrough to the next level.

Mentoring Style

I bring a fresh pair of eyes to a business and a commitment to work with business owners to steer, guide and facilitate ‘the vision’ which will lead to business growth. With many years of hands on experience and a network of delivery partners, I can guide you in implementing the growth plan you decide on, making sure actions are on track and momentum is maintained.

Henley Ridge Management Consulting Ltd

Henley Ridge Management Consulting Limited specialising for now in project and programme management, change management and cost reduction. In addition to ‘conventional’ consulting, we also provide online coaching and mentoring for project managers.

We’re also looking at other areas where we can help businesses both locally and internationally – including online/digital marketing.

Point Blanc

Point Blanc provide project, process and operations management to organisations who are looking to improve the way they deliver their client experience with process and solutions that get right to the point.

What does that mean in practice? For some organisations they feel some pain in the way their processes are used by their employees to deliver their service or product to their customers, or their growth trajectory has not allowed them the time to step back and look at how to deliver an improved customer experience. We can help those organisations by looking at where the pain points are in the process, identify why the pain points are and what a more effective process can look like to help take that pain away.

We also manage projects on behalf of organisations, either internally or for their clients, when they don’t have the capacity or expertise within the business.

Please contact: Ali White (Dexter)


We are employee owned and provide scientific and mathematical consultancy, contract research and software to address the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Please contact: Dr David Hodgkinson


Our Expertise – SmartPA are experts in providing market-leading secretarial, administration and PA support service to businesses. We partner businesses to help build their brand whilst delivering a world-class service where security and confidentiality are paramount.

Your Account Manager – SmartPA offers access to over 150 executive PAs with the widest skill set delivering their services on a remote basis. SmartPA allocate you an account manager which gives you consistency whilst we deliver what you and your business need.

Seamless Integration – When you hire SmartPA, we think, behave and act as a permanent employee – adopting your company’s ethos, values and brand guidelines. You can confidently delegate any task to us, knowing your company will always be represented the way you would like.

Thompson and Terry Recruitment

Founded in 2014, Thompson and Terry Recruitment is an independent recruitment consultancy company based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. We are a boutique full service business, with a key focus on sourcing and placing staff in Sales & Marketing, Office, IT, Property, and HR roles.

The main aim of our business is to match our candidates to our vacancies as accurately as is possible. Thereby we only send candidates to our clients if we would personally employ them ourselves. As a result, over 70% of the first CVs that we submit to our clients are successful, compared to the significantly lower national average of circa 5%.

At Thompson and Terry, our main source of commercial revenue is through referrals. For example, 100% of the vacancies that we recruited for last year were achieved through recommendation and repeat business. We believe that the strong, long-term relationships that we have with our clients is key to our success.

Your Best You

Career and confidence coaching
  • Do you sometimes wish you felt more confident in work situations?
  • Do you want to build your career but find you hold yourself back?
  • Do you feel like you’re on the right track, but want to play ‘bigger’?

I coach people to their life’s work quickly and efficiently, one promotion at a time. I help them dig deeper (to tap their inner confidence), go further (to share their unique spark) and get there faster (so they can spend the weekend with their family). Essentially, I kick their butts.

People might come to coaching to improve their career, increase their confidence and achieve better work-life balance. They leave having taken massive action with more confidence, self-awareness, self-assurance, happiness, clarity and ease.

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