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I’ve been creating space for clients for over seven years through the process of organising and decluttering. From clearing out a pantry to implementing a filing system for paperwork or from cellar to attic. I’ve helped young and old through house moves, downsizing, divorce, relocation, expecting a new arrival, empty nesting or just having a good old clear out.

With compassion, understanding and empathy I help clients through the emotional challenges of ‘letting go’ and no longer being overwhelmed with belongings.

Having spent my early career working in some of the most exclusive hotels in the UK, managing marketing and events for US-based IT companies, being a PA to managing directors in clinical research and running my own business in publishing, and enjoy using my organisational skills to help others.

I know exactly how cathartic and liberating a clean-up can be, but I am also fully aware of what a change a large tidy-up brings. I have often dealt with traumatic situations such as bereavement or stress-related issues. I encourage people to eliminate useless clutter, but only in a way that helps them to be a better, more free, more organised version of themselves.

I am offering 3 hours FREE to any member who would like help in their homes/home office to get organised and declutter. In return, before and after photos, a testimonial from you and a chance to share your experience with other members would be great.

Helena McBride
The Space Maker
Professional Organising and Decluttering

07798 702041