Greener Henley

Greener Henley’s aim is to see the Henley community driving change together and reducing our environmental impact.

We work together as a community of residents, local businesses and councils to create an impact greater than each individual effort. Collectively, we can make a massive difference towards mitigating climate change.

How are we doing this? By building a community network, by offering workshops and education, by engaging with schools, groups and businesses, by re-engaging people with nature and by campaigning for a better, more sustainable, Greener Henley.

The Greener Henley Directory is a place for businesses, organisations and even individuals to show how they plan to become greener, and to offer services to the residents of Henley to help them live more sustainable, resilient and connected lives. Submit a listing for the directory here.

Greener Henley is the new name for Henley in Transition.

A-Z of Members

All the businesses and charities in the Partnership.

Special Offers

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