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We are completely INDEPENDENT telecom and IT consultancy who are passionate about finding the most suitable services from the best providers at an affordable price for your business.

We only recommend service providers that offer excellent service and support – always UK based.

Our services include:

  • Phone and VoIP lines
  • Phone systems – traditional & virtual (No Capex)
  • Mobile phone packages
  • Broadband and fibre connections (20Mb-1Gb)
  • Special phone numbers
  • IT services and Microsoft licences

We also don’t just recommend the telecoms provider, but also manage your account with the provider on your behalf, so we have a vested interest in finding the right one for you!

That even includes faults (which fortunately do not occur very often). We liaise with the provider and Openreach on your behalf and give you regular updates.  Our extensive experience and knowledge of the processes involved ensure that the issues are resolved quickly.

We manage your telecoms leaving you to manage your business

Happy to provide a FREE, no obligation, review of your phone bills to show you the potential savings that you could make. SIMPLY provide us with a copy of a recent invoice and we’ll do the rest.

We also offer audits of your current telecoms and IT set-up to ensure that you have the best solutions for your business.

Please contact: Phil Gibbs


Jim has been advising companies on Cyber Security and Data Protection since 2001. He understands the challenges that those companies face and how security does not seem to have a direct return on investment, so helps them to protect themselves at a minimum cost by getting the most out of their existing solutions and staff, rather than buying new expensive products.

From advising on GDPR, to training staff, to auditing and implementing physical security, his company Assuredata can help with all Cyber Security and Data Protection requirements.

Jim’s other passion is boating and to indulge this passion he started The Henley Boating Company which delivers skippered cruises throughout the summer on his 1968 Metropolitan Police launch. The boat is especially popular at Henley Regatta and Festival where passengers get a unique perspective of the events whilst enjoying Champagne and good food whilst aboard.

Please contact: Jim Sneddon

Revenue Technologies

We help companies use technology to improve business outcomes in an efficient, cost effective and scalable way, allowing them to focus on increasing revenue rather than worry about IT systems. We focus on understanding your business problems and using technology to overcome them.

We can help you with a long term support partnership or short engagements depending on your needs and requirements.

About Digby Knight

With over 25 years in technology, Digby comes with a huge breadth of experience across many fields of IT, including enterprise architecture, SaaS platform management, web and content management and application development.

Vividly Simple

Is your technology working for you as it should?

IT can be a real pain, but when you put the right technology in place it can help you in every aspect of your business:

● We help you put just the right amount of technology in place for your team get the job done quickly and easily.

● We help you apply just the right amount of protection so your business operates safely and securely.

● We help you set everything up so you maintain visibility and control.

We’ve helped lots of local businesses to adopt just the right amount of technology. Find out how we do it at

About Andy Steer
Having spent as many years running his own companies as he has in corporate life, Andy is now in the happy position to be able to work with smaller businesses to help them to make informed choices about how and where technology can be used effectively.

“I set up Vividly Simple to help you choose the right IT for your business, removing frustration and leaving you free to grow your business, or spend time with your family, or do whatever it is you like to do.”


Say hello to Zzoomm!

The Full Fibre network that gives you more.

We’re bringing Full Fibre broadband to more homes and businesses across the UK:

  • More speed to get the work done quicker
  • More reliability to stay connected
  • More freedom to do what you want to when you want to.

The Full Fibre revolution is here and Zzoomm’s bringing internet at the speed of light to the heart of homes & businesses in towns and suburbs across Britain.

Zzoomm isn’t just about today: our Full Fibre network gives the performance and quality that you’ll want tomorrow, next year and next decade right now.

Zzoomm was founded by Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, in December 2018, to bring full fibre to homes and businesses across the UK, starting right here in Henley-on-Thames.

The Hub, 14 Station Road, Oxon RG9 1AY

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