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1AffordableCall offers superb quality business telecoms and IT services at an affordable price.

It was founded in August 2000 by Phil Gibbs, and has been serving the UK for over 21 years. Find out more about Phil from his interview by the legend, Dave Reynolds, from the Henley Standard.

We provide business mobile, broadband, traditional lines, VoIP with cloud switchboard-capability, enabling seamless remote working. Plus much more.

Have you heard about “The BIG Switch off”? Openreach have announced that traditional phone lines and business digital ISDN circuits will be switched off at the end of December 2025. See bbc.co.uk/news/technology-58233420.

As a consequence, wholesale rates have increased for the first time in very many years. As a result, it has never been a better time to move to VoIP, not only saving you money, but also providing greater flexibility, especially with home workers.

We can now offer business broadband connections (SOGEA) without the need to pay for a traditional phone line, typically saving you around 20% or £120/year. As a Henley Business Partnership member, you can get a 10% reduction – see 1affordablecall.co.uk/special-telecoms-offer-henley-3fm-members.

As the 3FM member of the month from May 2022, we are happy to offer For a FREE, no obligation 30-minute phone consultation on any of the above services/offers or if you would simply like to know a bit more about VoIP/SOGEA. If so, please contact Phil Gibbs on 01491 876876, email at phil.gibbs@1affordablecall.co.uk or via our Contact us page.

Otherwise, we’d greatly appreciate it if you would LIKE our Facebook page or our Google My Business listing. Very many thanks.

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